Swarthmore Engineering

E. Carr Everbach

* BA in the Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard 1982
* MS & PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Yale 1986, 1989
* Hunt Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America
* Adjunct Prof. of EE at Univ. of Rochester
* Presidential Faculty Fellow of the NSF
* Teaching Engineering at Swarthmore since 1990
* Department Chair from August 2013

* Office: Hicks 202
* E-Mail: ceverba1@swarthmore.edu
* Phone: (610)-328-8079


  • ENGR 02 - Exploring Acoustics
  • ENGR 4A - Introduction to Environmental Protection
  • ENGR 05 - Engineering Methodology
  • ENGR 06 - Mechanics
  • ENGR 11 - Physical Systems Analysis I
  • ENGR 12 - Physical Systems Analysis II
  • ENGR 14 - Experimentation for Engineering Design
  • ENGR 35 - Solar Energy Systems
  • ENGR 41 - Thermofluid Mechanics
  • ENGR 64 - Swarthmore and the Biosphere
  • ENGR 83 - Fluid Mechanics
  • ENGR 86 - Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
  • WMST 30 - Women and Technology
  • ENVS 02 - Human Nature, Technology, and the Environment


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Biomedical ultrasound, nonlinear dynamics, acoustics, noise control, environmental sustainability. See my personal website at http://fubini.swarthmore.edu