Procedure for installing Agilent Toolbar in Excel

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Go to the Tools menu, then pick Add-Ins.
  3. In the Add-Ins Window, Browse to My Computer, Local Disk C:, Program Files, Agilent, Intuilink, 54600, agt54600. Click OK
  4. The Intuilink Add-In should appear in the Add-Ins list, with a checked box to the left. Click OK.
  5. Next, a “Welcome to Agilent IntuiLink…” window should appear. Click “Close”.
  6. Back in Excel, there should now be an Agilent 54600 Scope Control toolbar on the upper right portion of the worksheet window.
  7. Turn on the Oscilloscope. In Excel, click the first button in the Agilent toolbar, the “Connect to Scope” button. An “Agilent 54600 Scope Control Properties ” window should appear (see figure below).
  8. Click on the “Search Criteria” tab. Click the “Find Ports” button. COM1 should appear in the “Include” list. The Baud Rate should be 1200 (see note below), parity should be “None,8”, and Handshake should be “DTR/DSR”.
  9. Click the Apply button. Click the “Search Instruments” tab. After a short delay, COM1 should appear and be highlighted. Now click the “Test” button. A window should appear indicating successful communication with the scope. Click OK. Click OK again.
  10. Back in Excel: If there is a waveform on the oscilloscope screen ready to be acquired, click the third button on the toolbar, the “Get Waveform Data” button. A “Get Waveform Data” window should appear. Choose appropriate options then click OK. After a short delay (around 10 seconds), the data should appear in your worksheet along with an optional graph, if chosen.

Note: To set the Baud rate on the Oscilloscope, push the “Print/Utility” button on the front panel of the scope. Next, push the I/O menu button under the screen. The baud rate should be 1200; otherwise push the button until the setting is 1200, then push the “Previous Menu” button under the screen.